Congratulations to Dr. Shuxuan Zhou!

Shuxuan Zhou with Doctoral Supervisory Committee
Shuxuan Zhou with Doctoral Supervisory Committee. Photo courtesy of Lauren OLaughlin.

Yesterday morning Shuxuan brilliantly presented her dissertation, “The Gendered Landscape of Chinese Forestry Reform: Labor, Narrative and Resistance, 1950s-Current,” and passed the defense with flying colors. Her committee commented on the richness of her feminist ethnographic inquiry, which examines the gendered history of labor migration, mobilization, demobilization, and protest in the forestry industry of Fujian province. Her dissertation documents in moving and theoretically astute ways the experiences, stories, and strategies of workers who lost jobs and sources of livelihood through privatization of a socialist state-owned enterprise AND their collective efforts of resistance to seek redress and recognition against structures that render their lives invisible. 

Congratulations Dr. Zhou!! We look forward to watching where your work will take you as we continue to learn from all that you do.

 Sasha Su-Ling Welland, Associate Professor GWSS

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