NEA's National Heritage Fellowhship Concert - Martha Gonzalez, Ph.D. (GWSS Alum)

I'm in Washington D.C getting ready to M.C the 2017 NEA's National Heritage Fellowship concert! It is an honor to be here with these masters from across the country as this years honorees/recipients are: Ella Jenkings, Eva Ybarra, Bomba maestro Modesto Cepeda, Norik Astavtasturov, Thomas Maupin, Phil Wiggins, Dwight Lamb, Anna Brown Ehlers, and Cyril Lani Pahinui! I get to hangout with these masters, speak to them learn from them with the hopes that some of this genius rubs off on me! jijijij. The show will be livestreamed on via the website so make sure you watch me fumble through this! First time they have a woman, much less a Chicana from East LA M.C this concert. Haber como me va! Fingers Crossed!! 

 The show will be live screened tonight at 5pm Pacific time at: