Stephanie Yingyi Wang passes general exams

Susan Whiting, Sasha Welland, Yingyi Wang, Priti Ramamurthy
Susan Whiting PhD, Sasha Welland PhD, Yingyi Wang PhC, Priti Ramamurthy PhD

Congratulations to Yingyi Wang, who has just passed her general exams with flying colors after writing exam essays on 1) NGOs in the transnational and Chinese context; 2) feminist theories of social reproduction; and 3) gender, sexuality, feminism and queer theory in China. She also presented her research prospectus on “Working in Gender Equality and LGBT Rights NGOs: Neoliberal Governance, Subjectivities, and Place-Based Politics in Contemporary China.”  Supervisory Committee Co-Chair, Sasha Welland, Ph.D.