People - Undergraduate Representatives

Elle Brown GWSS Undergraduate Representative 2018-19 Department Committee
Undergraduate Representative, Departmental Committee, 2018-2019

Elle Brown (as in 'Elle Woods') is a non-binary femme in their Senior year. They came to GWSS as a first-generation college student following a complicated path through Physics -> Computer Science -> Informatics. Being a non-traditional transfer student they has become adept at creative solutions and navigating around systemic barriers. Their academic work includes technology, decolonization, archival research, and an intersectional analytical framework. Elle is an opinionated bookworm whose favorite questions are "Who says?" and "Why not?". They is a high school drop-out and GED recipient, community college graduate, and a resilient individual who has a continuous history with adversities from domestic violence and poverty to divorce and anxiety. In their free-time they play Pokémon Go (team Instinct!), enjoy bubble tea, dive into pop culture, and stays up entirely too late.

Erie Maude Rosser GWSS Undergraduate Representative 2018-19 Departmental Committee
Undergraduate Representative, Departmental Committee, 2018-2019

Erie Maude Rosser is a senior, majoring in both GWSS and Mathematics! She also in her spare time does theatre with an on campus musical theatre group, Stage Notes. Academically, Erie is interested in interrogating what it is that we consider science, and in science/tech education which can create knowledge that serves the working class rather than the ruling class. She is passionate about workers’ rights, radical community formation, and loud angry punk music. She is graduating at the end of Spring quarter, and plans to spend a while outside of academia before inevitably returning through grad school in hopes of becoming an educator.

Jessica Tiede GWSS Undergraduate Representative 2018-19 Undergraduate Curriculum Committee
Undergraduate Representative, Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, 2018-2019

Jessica Tiede is a third year GWSS major with minors in Diversity, Education, and CHID. When she isn’t at school, you can catch her reading poetry or playing with her cat Sage. Jessica is passionate about creating a space in GWSS where everyone feels welcome and prioritized and is eager to use this role to help as many students as possible. As the curriculum representative, feel free to contact her regarding any concerns regarding courses or questions pertaining to curriculum, or honestly if you just need to talk.