This section describes some of the ways in which the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies faculty and students are engaged with their surrounding communities, whether those are scholarly, artistic, or interest-based.

♦ Center for Communication, Difference and Equity


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Poetry, passion and social justice: Activist poets to gather at UW, perform at Seattle Public Library Feb. 3, January 31, 2017, UW Today, Peter Kelley - News and Information

Department of gender, women, & sexuality studies hosts lecture on gender variability, The Daily, Joy Geerkens, (Jack Halberstam lecture), May 26, 2016

Face of America should include you, me and her, The Seattle Times, Jerry Large - Columnist, (Interview with Shirley J. Yee), May 1, 2016

Seattle Girls' Jazz Band Shatters Stereotypes, KUOW, Radio interview with GWSS Alum Kelly Barr-Clingan, Marcie Sillman, February 16, 2016

Faculty Friday: Michelle Habell-Pallán, The Whole U, Posted on December 2, 2015 by Quinn Russell Brown.

Close-up: Real issues to be recognized in the music industry, Interview with Michelle Habell-Pallán, The Daily, Kelsey Hamlin, August 12, 2015

Faculty Friday: Amanda Lock Swarr, The Whole U, Posted on May 22, 2015 by Quinn Russell Brown.

Visiting lecture speaks on race and identity in the Caribbean, The Daily, Johanna Lundahl, (Shona Jackson Lecture), April 15, 2015

Valentine’s Day ‘edit-a-thon’ to address Wikipedia gender gap, February 10, 2015, UW Today, Peter Kelley - News and Information

Scholars discuss feminism in science, The Daily, Erika Sommer, October 27, 2014

Facebook Adds More Gender Options US Users, KUOW, The Record  Radio interview with Amanda Lock Swarr, Audio, Arwen Nicks & Steve Scher, February 26, 2014

What is a Geek Girl? KUOW, The Record Radio interview with GWSS Alum, Amy Peloff, Marcie Sillman, September 27, 2013

UW Graduate School establishes certificate program in sexuality and queer studies, The Daily, Hayat Norimine, July 27, 2011

Former UW's Women Studies Department adopts a new identity, The Daily, Jillian Stampher, March 9, 2011

Luana Ross: The Place of Falling Waters

Women studies department grants first doctoral degrees, The Daily, Heather Reese, April 26, 2006

A Ph.D. of their own, The Daily, Bethany Hull, November 14, 1997

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Sounding Out! Chicana Soundscapes: Introduction by Michelle Habell-Pallán

♦ Women Who Rock

Women Who Rock host fifth annual (un)conference on Saturday, March 4, 2015, UW Today, Deborah Bach - News and Information

Women Who Rock (un)conference, launch of oral history archivewith video, February 27, 2013, UW Today, Molly McElroy - News and Information 

An unusual (un)conference: Women Who Rock 2012, February 28, 2012, UW Today, Peter Kelley - News and Information

These women rock — in research and in life, December 8, 2010, UW Today, Peter Kelley - News and Information