Research - Dissertations


Author/Title People Involved Related Fields

Renee Byrd. “‘Punishment’s Twin’: Theorizing Prisoner Reentry for a Politics of Abolition.” Diss. U of Washington, 2013.

Crime and Criminality, Women, Ethnography, Culture
Martha Gonzalez. “Chican@ Artivistas: East Los Angeles trenches, transborder tactics.” Diss. U of Washington, 2013. Chicana/o, Community, Dance, Music, Popular Culture, Popular Music, Women of Color

Nina Young Kim. “’The Call of God’: Korean American Women’s Activism in the Pacific Northwest.” Diss. U of Washington, 2013.

Asian American, Korean, Women of Color

Sara Diaz. “Gender, race, and science: A feminista analysis of women of color in science.” Diss. U of Washington, 2012.

Gender, Race and Ethnicity, Science and Technology, Women of Color, Women

Rebecca Castner. “Manufacturing identities, producing poverty: Criminalizing poor women through welfare fraud.” Diss. U of Washington, 2012.

Crime and Criminality, Class, Women

Calla Chancellor. “Making it Better for Queer Youth: Troubling (Neo) liberal Rhetorics of Visibility and Empowerment.” Diss. U of Washington, 2012.

Queer Studies

Kristina Knoll. “Feminist Disability Studies: Theoretical Debates, Activism, Identity Politics, & Coalition Building.” Diss. U of Washington, 2012.

Feminism, Activism, Community, Collaboration

Amy Peloff. “Unexpected feminisms: How popular culture brought feminism beyond the movement.” Diss. U of Washington, 2011.

Feminism, Feminist Theory, Popular Culture

Amy Bhatt. “At Home in Globalization: Social Reproduction, Transnational Migration, and the Circulating Indian IT Household.” Diss. U of Washington, 2011.

Reproduction, Transnational, Indian

Zakiya Adair. “Negotiating spectacle: Florence Mills, Josephine Baker & Adelaide Hall, transnational black women's expressive culture 1920-1935.” Diss. U of Washington, 2010.

20th Century, Women of Color, Transnational, Culture, Women

Janice Kinney. “Making Church: The Experience of Spirituality in Women’s Choruses.” Diss. U of Washington, 2010.

Women, Music
Julianne F. Severson. “The discourse of conflict: A new reading of court-ordered Cesareans.” Diss. U of Washington, 2009. Body, Law and Political Thought, Medicine, Reproduction, Women

Alyssa Hellrung. “Athletic girls: External support, internal motivation, and advanced participation in sport.” Diss. U of Washington, 2009.

Alyssa Hellrung Women, Gender

Jeanette Bushnell. “’I can think of a lot of stories.’ Shared knowledges, Indigenous methodology and purposeful conversations with sixteen Native women in Seattle.” Diss. U of Washington, 2009.

Jeanette Bushnell Women, Women of Color, American Indian/Native American

Kristy Leissle. “Cocoa and cash, culture and chocolate: a feminist analysis of ‘free’ and ‘fair’ trade in Ghana and Britain.” Diss. U of Washington, 2008.

Culture, African, English, Feminism, Economics, Political Economy

Brianna Blaser. “More than just lab partners: Women scientists and engineers married and partnered to other scientists and engineers.” Diss. U of Washington, 2008.

Science and Technology, Women

Dipika Nath. “Feral disorders and colonial exclusions: Animal reared feral children, discourses of animality, and the treatment of animals in colonial India.” Diss. U of Washington, 2008.

Animal Studies, Indian, Motherhood

Karen Rosenberg. “From moderate chastisement to mandatory arrest: Responses to violence against women in Canada and the United States.” Diss. U of Washington, 2008.

Violence and Trauma, American, Crime and Criminality

Alka Arora. “The re-enchantment of feminism: Countering fundamentalisms, encountering the sacred.” Diss. U of Washington, 2008.


Michelle McGowan. “Stem cells, genetic selection, and strong embryos: A feminist analysis of preimplantation genetic diagnosis.” Diss. U of Washington, 2007.

Science and Technology, Women, Reproduction, Medicine
Serena Mauer. “Feminist border praxis: Exploring racialized citizenship, national belonging and gender reproduction in Yakima Valley.” Diss. U of Washington, 2006. Feminism, Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Mae Henderson. “Fractured mothering: African American mothers at the crossroads of expectations and reality.” Diss. U of Washington, 2006.

Motherhood, Reproduction, African American, Women of Color, Women