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Q: Where can I get an add code?

A: In the Department of Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies, instructors are in charge of their own add codes and waitlist. Please contact instructors directly for add codes. If a class is full, the instructor will have discretion in allowing you into the class, as there may be space or equipment constraints that are critical to how the class has been planed. Please ensure you meet any prerequisites before reaching out to instructors. 

Q: How do I become a GWSS major/minor?

A: In order to become a GWSS major/minor you will need to make an appointment with the GWSS undergraduate academic counselor to learn more about what requirements you will need to meet as part of the major/minor. In your appointment, you will learn more about GWSS departmental policies and practices, faculty interests, course offerings, and resources. You will then fill out a major/minor changed form with the academic counselor. Be sure to follow up the following quarter to ensure the major/minor changes have gone through appropriately.

Q: How often should I be in contact with an academic counselor?

A: At a minimum, you will need to see an academic counselor to 1. sign up for your major/minor and 2. to apply for graduation. Beyond this, you may see an academic counselor as needed. It can be helpful to check in with your academic counselor at least once a quarter to ensure you are on track with your goals, learn about opportunities and resources, and to establish a relationship with them, as they could be a person who could write a letter of recommendation or be a reference for you in the future. Please make sure to include your student ID number in all communications with your academic counselor and be sure to review the GWSS website or other UW sites for answers to your questions as well.

Q: What is involved in the GWSS major internship requirement?

A: Every GWSS major is required to complete an internship (GWSS 497). Typically this is done in your junior or senior year, but can be completed sooner if you have completed GWSS 200 & GWSS 302. You should begin planning for your internship AT LEAST one quarter before the quarter you intend to take GWSS 497 by speaking with the academic counselor, visiting the Career & Internship Center, and reviewing the GWSS internship requirements. During the quarter before you take GWSS 497 you will also fill out the GWSS Learning Contract, this will allow the academic counselor to ADD YOU to GWSS 497 (there are NO ADD CODES). Students WILL NOT be added to GWSS 497 without a completed GWSS Learning Contract.

Q: Is it possible to substitute classes to meet the GWSS major/minor course requirements?

A: Yes, under exceptional circumstances and in accordance with our Undergraduate Course Approval Policy, students in the GWSS major/minor can request consideration for course substitutions outside the department. To start this process, students should complete the Google Course Approval form (also available as a PDF) and provide a syllabus for the proposed external course. The Undergraduate Committee will assess requests, ensuring alignment with GWSS analytic rubrics and interdisciplinary methods. Early submission is encouraged for timely review.