The projects described in this section may be completed products, ongoing activities, or work in progress.

Film De Baixo Para Cima
WWR 2017 Un-Conference
Women Who Rock - Rocking Media Justice 2015
Black, Purple and Gold


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
WWR 2017 Un-Conference Water is Life, Womxn Who Rock, Making Scenes, Building Communities (2017) Angelica Macklin, P. Michelle Morado-Peters, Fabian Romero, Iris Viveros Avendaño
Adviser: Michelle Habell-Pallán
Music, New Media, Oral History
Music, Arts, Skill Sharing, Traditions and Language  (2016) Adviser: Michelle Habell-Pallán Activism, Music, Oral History
Black, Purple and Gold Black, Purple, & Gold - Exploring Black Student Life at UW (2016) Bettina Judd
Adviser: Bettina Judd
African American, Community, Gender
Film De Baixo Para Cima De Baixo Para Cima (From the Bottom Up) (2015) Angelica Macklin Activism, Decolonial, Feminism, Film/Cinema, Indigenous, Latin American, Radical Pedagogy, Religion, Social Change, Women
Priti Ramamurthy, GWSS Chair and Professor receives prestigious ACLS Collaborative Research Fellowship 2015 (2015) Priti Ramamurthy Economics, Labor
Women Who Rock - Rocking Media Justice 2015 Women Who Rock - Rocking Media Justice (2015) Michelle Habell-Pallán Class, Collaboration, Community, Gender, Media Studies, Music, Race and Ethnicity, Sexuality, Women, Women of Color
Women Who Rock Oral History Archive (2014) Michelle Habell-Pallán Archives, Community, Digital Humanities, Oral History, Public Scholarship, Women
Women Who Rock Oral History Project Preview (2012) Angelica Macklin
Adviser: Michelle Habell-Pallán
Archives, Digital Humanities, Film/Cinema, Gender, Media Studies, Oral History, Public Scholarship, Radical Pedagogy, Women, Women of Color
Abantu performing at the NU2 Bus Shelter Masizakhe: Building Each Other (2008) Angelica Macklin Activism, African, Culture, Decolonial, Indigenous, Music, Poetry and Poetics, Race and Ethnicity, Radical Pedagogy, Violence and Trauma


Image Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Priti Ramamurthy, GWSS Chair & Professor receives ACLS Fellowship (2015) Priti Ramamurthy Class, South Asian
Monumental Ephemeral (Forthcoming) Sasha Su-Ling Welland 21st Century, Anthropology, Art History, Chinese, Digital Humanities, Ethnography, Feminism, Global Studies, Urban Studies

In progress

Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Ethnography Unbound: Experiments in New Scholarship (2016) Sasha Su-Ling Welland Ethnography