Alumnx B.A. Spotlight

Learn more about what our undergraduate students are doing with their degrees in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies post-graduation:

As a proud graduate of UW in 2018, where I majored in GWSS, I have embarked on a fulfilling path of personal and professional growth. After earning my Human Resources Management Certificate from the University of Washington Professional Development in 2019, I began my professional journey as a family support specialist at the Asian Counseling and Referral Service. It was during this time that I discovered my deep passion for diversity and inclusion, igniting a desire to make a meaningful impact… Read more
Hailey Capps, a recent graduate from the University of Washington, finished her double major in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies and Communication in the spring of 2022. She is currently pursuing her Master of Education (M.Ed.) at the UW School of Education. As she began her postgraduate journey, she shared how her experience in the GWSS department has shaped and continues… Read more
During the GWSS Fall Reception on October 5, 2022, Harriet Dumba, who earned her Bachelor of Arts in Women Studies in 2004, received the 2022 GWSS Alumni Award. As the Executive Director of Women Partners for Health (WOPAH) in South Sudan, Harriet happened to be in the United States at the time and her parents Cathleen and Larry Scott flew her to Seattle, Washington to attend the reception and accept the award.  Harriet Dumba Receiving the GWSS Alumni Award at the… Read more
In a recent Seattle Times article on the Duwamish Superfund cleanup, Magdalena Angel-Cano, community engagement and communications specialist with the DRCC and GWSS graduate, speaks out against the EPA's handling of the Duwamish Superfund cleanup. Read the article here→ 
Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies alum, Kelly Clingan recently took part in an event on Earshot Jazz - Community Panel: Seattle JazzED Anti-Racist Study Group. In 2016, Kelly received the GWSS Alumni of the Year Award for her gender equality work in jazz. She is the Education Director of Seattle JazzED. Kelly is taking part in another Earshot Jazz event on November 7th at 2:00 p.m. –… Read more
Winner of the very first GWSS Alumni Award, John F. Hayes, speaks to the Seattle Times about the future of policing. What Seattle-area cops say about the future of policing. By Mary Hudetz and Heidi GrooverThe Seattle Times June 25, 2020