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Alma Khasawnih
September 21, 2020
GWSS alumni, alma khasawnih, begins new position as Assistant Professor for Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at The College of New Jersey. WGSS Welcomes new assistant professor
Martha Gonzales, Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community, and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles
September 15, 2020
Per Martha Gonzales: Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community, and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles (UT Press) is an auto-ethnographic account examining the rise and creative labors of self-proclaimed “Chicana artivistas” in East L.A from 1995 and into the present. A conflation of two words artista (artist) and activista (activist), artivista is a central concept in... Read more
Jey Saung
August 31, 2020
GWSS graduate student Jey Saung has won the Frank Jenkins Jr. Fellowship in Labor Studies from the Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies, which will provide research support for Jey's important theorization of racial inheritance and kinsurgency in ARTs (assisted reproductive technologies). Harry Bridges Center for Labor Studies
Stephanie Yingyi Wang
August 31, 2020
Stephanie Yingyi Wang has been awarded a Martha H. Duggan Fellowship in Caring Labor by the Bridges Center for Labor Studies at UW "in recognition of her work and research in transnational social justice movements and central focus on social reproductive labor."  Yingyi will be spending the coming year writing her dissertation, Working in Gender Equality and LGBT Rights NGOs: Neoliberal Governance, Subjectivities and Place-Based Politics in Contemporary China.... Read more
Iris Viveros Avendano Group Photo
August 31, 2020
Iris Viveros Avendaño received a Grad School Dissertation Fellowship to write her dissertation "Feminista Dance Disruptions in Fandango Temporalities" during this academic year.  Focusing on how to theorize and generate decolonial knowledge implemented through and with the body, in collectivity, in synchronous musical performance and dances known as fandango, Iris examines resistance to state violence in chapters titled Performing Polyrhythmic Resistance, ... Read more
Alum Martha Gonzalez book Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles
August 3, 2020
GWSS alum Martha Gonzalez has a new book titled Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community, and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles. Her book sealed her promotion to Associate Professor at Scripps College.  Here are some links to Martha Gonzalez's work: Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles (Summer 2020, UT Austin Press)... Read more
Biology and Manners: Essays on the Worlds and Works of Lois McMaster Bujold edited by Regina Yung Lee and Una McCormack
July 27, 2020
GWSS Senior Lecturer, Regina Yung Lee and writer Una McCormack edit this new volume of essays that analyze the work of Lois McMaster Bujold, an important author of contemporary science fiction and fantasy. In addition to Regina Yung Lee's chapter, "Untimely Graces: Gender, Failure, and Sainthood in Lois... Read more
Akanksha Misra - Successful Dissertation Defense
July 6, 2020
Congratulations Dr. Akanksha Misra! Akanksha Misra successfully defended her dissertation The Erotics of Pedagogical Spaces: Schools, Sexuality, and the Desiring Body in India and Turkey. Based on years of embedded research as a teacher and child sex abuse prevention counselor in Istanbul and Hyderabad, Akanksha approaches the body as a historical racial schema, argues that gender and sexuality are articulations of embodiment which are always becoming, and embraces an erotics of... Read more
GWSS Assistant Professor Bettina Judd quoted in article
June 30, 2020
GWSS Assistant Professor, Bettina Judd, is quoted in article about racism and gynecology. How this Black doctor is exposing the racist history of gynecology By Maura HohmanToday.comJune 29, 2020
Seattle Police Captain John F. Hayes and GWSS Alum
June 30, 2020
Winner of the very first GWSS Alumni Award, John F. Hayes, speaks to the Seattle Times about the future of policing. What Seattle-area cops say about the future of policing. By Mary Hudetz and Heidi GrooverThe Seattle TimesJune 25, 2020