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What is Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies?

At the University of Washington, Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies integrates the pursuit of knowledge with the practice of societal change. Our nationally and internationally recognized faculty work with students to analyze how gender and sexuality shape personal experiences and systems of power, while also examining the roles of race, class, legal status and ability. We question and deconstruct conventional academic assumptions and approaches, developing new methodologies for understanding individual, collective, social, political and transnational realities. We put these modes of inquiry and learning across difference into practice in the classroom. We then activate this knowledge as advocates, educators and members in local and global communities. 

Our faculty ground their teaching and research in diverse schools of feminist thought and analysis, and they work with students to create responses to the world’s persistent and urgent issues. Graduates use their skills and experiences to find success in a variety of fields, including business, creative arts and humanities, education, health care, law, media and communication, nonprofit administration, psychology and public policy.

Why study Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies?

  • Learn with purpose: From hands-on classroom projects and internships to projects like Womxn Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities and the Black Embodiments Studio, GWSS joins learning with action, so students are prepared to not only analyze, but also act in service of social justice.
  • Work on what matters: GWSS provides a framework so students can quickly begin to address problems ranging from the legacies of racism and sexism to new challenges related to the environment and technological innovation.
  • Evolve your understanding: Our flexible, interdisciplinary program allows you to take courses that integrate the arts, social sciences, humanities and natural sciences and transform your interests into new skills and ways of thinking.
  • Find guidance and community: GWSS students are active change-makers who work alongside faculty grappling with and leading on the same issues. You’ll find mentors and allies who can provide support and advice on how to maximize the impact of your actions.
  • Expand your perspective: Our transnational and intersectional approach to GWSS helps students see beyond the limits of their own experiences and prepares them to work in diverse and challenging careers.

What programs do we offer for undergraduates?

How do you major in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies?

GWSS is an open major. Students in good academic standing may declare the major at any time by meeting with the GWSS undergraduate adviser.

How do you meet with a Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies adviser?