Conference Room

GWSS Conference Room (PDL B110 G)

Conference room reservation requests should be sent to Whitney Miller, GWSS Program Coordinator, at Our conference room takes reservations from GWSS faculty, staff and graduate students as well as our sister departments in Padelford Hall.

Conference Room Requests 

Conference room requests are prioritized in the following order:

  1. Meetings that serve the department as a whole (e.g., faculty meetings, department colloquia, etc.)
  2. Meetings that serve standing committees of the department (e.g., Curriculum Committee meetings)
  3. Meetings that serve quarter-long teaching responsibilities of the department (e.g. meetings of GWSS 200 TAs)
  4. Meetings that serve the department in ad hoc respects (e.g., quarterly meeting of graduate students with Chair and Graduate Program Director). When such meetings are being held by undergraduate GWSS majors, either the GWSS advisor or other GWSS graduate student or faculty member must be responsible for unlocking and relocking the room, turning out lights, etc.
  5. Ad hoc requests from other departments for use of the room (a favor we accord reciprocally from time to time with other departments in Padelford).

Conference Room Use

Please keep the following rules in mind when requesting to use and during use of the GWSS Conference Room:

  • Any use of the conference room needs scheduling approval from Whitney Miller, Program Coordinator or Department Administrator, Young Kim.
  • The conference room is not to be used for classroom or teaching purposes.
  • TA office hours are not to be held in the conference room.
  • No off hour meetings (after 5:00 pm) in the conference room without approval and placement of the meeting on the schedule.
  • It is critical that the door be locked and lights turned out after each and every meeting or other use of the conference room.
  • If food is provided during a meeting or gathering in the room, the room MUST be cleaned afterward.
  • If events with food and drink occur on a Friday, the garbage should be removed to an outdoor can.
  • If the configuration of the tables and chairs is moved for the purpose of a particular meeting, the room should be returned to the original configuration at the close of the meeting.
  • If the white board is used, please erase and use cleaner to wipe clean.