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GWSS Minor

A minor in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies provides a window into discussions about globalization, violence, commerce, reproductive rights, art, music and many other issues. GWSS minors gain exposure to the interdisciplinary methods and activist strategies, and training that allows students to analyze inequities in society and work toward social justice and change. By adding the GWSS minor to a course of study at UW, students are able to explore the intersections between their work in their major department and GWSS.

To add a minor students must have earned 45 credits and be a declared major in any department. To add the GWSS minor an adviser must sign a Change of Major form (PDF). Any adviser, either in the students major department, or the GWSS adviser, can sign the form.

GWSS Minor Requirements

For students declaring a minor in  fall quarter 2011 or later
A minimum of 30 credits required

  1. GWSS 200 or equivalent; and one additional GWSS 200-level course. (10 credits)
  2. GWSS 302. (5 credits).
  3. Additional upper-division (300-400 level) credits in gender, women, and sexuality studies. Minimum 10 credits must be graded. Maximum 5 credits from variable credit courses (GWSS 495, GWSS 496, GWSS 497, and GWSS 499) may be applied toward this requirement. (15 credits)