Students in GWSS 451 create Dia de los Metros altar/exhibit

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Students in GWSS 451 create Dia de los Metros Altar/Exhibit

Students in instructor Elizabeth Ramirez Arreola's GWSS 451 Latina Culture course created a Dia de los Metros altar/exhibit that participated this year at El Centro de la Raza.  Following professor’s Michelle Habell-Pallan format for last year's class; this was the second year that GWSS 451 students set up a collective altar/exhibit for the annual event.  This year the altar of Latinx Cultural Production class honored Latinx women identified as “Valientes, Guerrerxs & Persistentes” (Brave, Persistent, Warriors).  Remembering Latina/x women that have historically paved the way, by challenging, disrupting and resisting systems of oppression. Students’ paid particular attention to inclusivity and representation, making sure the contributions of Indigenxs & Afrolatinxs were present.  This year the students created an Educational Resistance Page that listed the names and the contributions of the women being honored, in this way enacting public scholarship and sharing information with the community.  The womxn being honored included artists, scholars, activists etc., and among the honored/ remembered were: Gloria Anzaldua, Sylvia Rivera, Laura Aguilar, Berta Caceres, Selena Quintanilla, Jenni Rivera, Celia Cruz, etc. It was a great component to the class and the students were very interested in practicing alternative methods of knowledge production.