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Keila Taylor Completes General Exams and Receives Admission to Candidacy for the Ph.D. in Feminist Studies

Submitted by Catherine Richardson on June 5, 2020 - 7:47am
Keila Taylor
Keila Taylor

Congratulations to GWSS graduate student, Keila Taylor, who passed their general exams to earn candidacy for the Ph.D. in Feminist Studies. Keila's faculty advisor, Assistant Professor Bettina Judd, states that "Keila demonstrated a knowledge of Black queer theory and Black feminist thought in framing her own groundbreaking work in Black queer foodways. Her contribution to the fields of Black feminist thought, Black Queer Theory, and Black foodways through what she calls Black queer foodways has the potential to shed light on the political importance of Black queer organizing and community building around food and the importance of such work on Black queer survival and Black Queer methods for thriving

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