A Chican@ Artivistas Four-Part Book Launch Party - Alumna Martha Gonzalez

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Martha Gonzalez Book Launch

GWSS alumna, Martha Gonzalez's four part part book launch is a great way to learn about Martha's new book and a great way for students to see the kind of cutting-edge and convention-busting research and practice that is possible to do in our GWSS Ph.D. program.  Tune in as a way of learning more about that move from transforming your seminar papers into dissertation chapters, into journal articles, and then into a book, and to get ideas about how to share your own work. Of course, there will be lots of dialogue and music!

You can register for the free events here: http://marthagonzalez.net/book-launch-party/

A Chican@ Artivistas Four-Part Book Launch Party
October 1, 15, 29 and 30
5 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Let’s come together (virtually) to celebrate the release of my book Chican@ Artivistas: Music, Community and Transborder Tactics in East Los Angeles (UT Austin Press) and the people, communities, and artists in the US and Mexico that informed the book from the mid 1990’s and into the present. This four-part launch will feature protagonists and members of the various communities that continue to create, inform, dream and thrive amid these challenging times.

This event will be a Zoom Webinar and registration is required. We will be providing Spanish interpretation for those that need it.

Part 1: Inceptions: LA roots and Fruits of Tradition
Thursday, October 1, 2020 @ 5PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

A discussion of early music influences in the Gonzalez family as we feature; Gabriel Gonzalez (La Verdad), Cava Gonzalez Miranda (Cava), Karla Benavides, Annie Gonzalez (“Gentified”), Sebastian and Xol Gonzalez (Gonzalez Brothers), Sandino Gonzalez-Flores, Mia Xitlali Tenorio (“Max” and “Quincañera”) among other members of the familia Gonzalez and how music, art and culture have been important tools of expression and survival.

Part 2: Constellations: Memory and Facilitators of Transformation
Thursday, October 15, 2020 @ 5PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

A discussion of the middle part of Chican@ Artivistas which includes the important work that comes from the Popular Resource Center (PRC) and the Big Frente Zapatista (BFZ) in the mid 1990’s. The discussion will include protagonists from this time including Quetzal Flores, Omar Ramirez, Nuke, Yaot Mazahua (Aztlan Underground), Rosa Marta Zarate, Laura Palomares, Suyapa Portillo (Pitzer College), Joe “Peps” Galarza (AUG), Aida Salazar, Felicia Montes, Roberto Flores, Rosalia Gonzalez, Tylana Enomoto (Quetzal, POV), Mark Torres (Travel Tips to Aztlan) and Victor Viesca (Cal State LA).

Part 3: Manifestations: Convivencia, Epiphanies and the Permanence of Ephemeral Practices
Thursday, October 29, 2020 @ 5PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

A discussion on the methods and various music movements that Artivistas have utilized to espouse the value systems that center convivencia (to live with profound presence of mind, body, spirit). This last part dialogue series will feature past and present protagonists that have continued the methods described in Chican@ Artivistas and how the protagonists have adapted them to the present moment. The discussion will also include how these methods have been important tools of linking with and across local and transnational borders and alliances with other struggling communities at large and behind bars.

This discussion will feature: Marisol Torres (MdM), Jarochicano members, Gilberto Gutierrez, Carolina Sarmiento, Russel Rodriguez, Rubi Oseguera, Annahi Hernandez, Wendy Cao Romero, Adriana Cao Romero, Ramon Gutierrez (Veracruz, Mexico), Patricio Hidalgo, Fandango communities (Los Angeles, Bay Area, Santa Ana, Chicago, Texas, San Diego, Sylmar), Maya Jupiter, Aloe Blacc, Marisa Rondstadt, Nobuko Miyamoto (Fandango Obon), Amy Kichner (ACTA), Fideicomiso Tierra Libre, Community Power Collective.

Part 4: The Different Faces of Quetzal: Culmination of Chican@ Artivistas four-part Book Launch Party
Friday, October 30, 2020 @ 6PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Concert by the Grammy Award–winning rock band Quetzal