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Shuxuan Zhou Article "The Real Lives of America’s Chinese Masseuses" in Sixth Tone

Submitted by Catherine Richardson on April 5, 2021 - 10:26am

GWSS alumna and feminist scholar, Shuxuan Zhou, Ph.D., is one of the organizers of the Massage Parlor Outreach Project. Shuxuan wrote the article "The Real Lives of America's Chinese Masseuses," based on her community organizing with Chinese immigrant massage parlor workers in Sixth Tone (Fresh Voices from today's China). 

Shuxuan addresses the following points in her article:

1) Why calling anti-Asian violence “hate” is problematic;

2) why the lens of intersectionality is so crucial at this moment;

3) why we have to listen to and build relationship with the working-class women and immigrants.

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