In Memoriam of Carolyn J. Allen, Advocate, Ally & Friend 

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

UW Professor Emerita (English) Carolyn Allen’s passed away earlier this month. A lovely and loving tribute to her feminist intellect and the fullness of her life was published this weekend in the Seattle Times. Here is one quote from her obituary, a beautifully written and at times quite funny celebration of her life:

An extraordinary teacher and mentor, Carolyn did not preside over her classroom as an expert but met her students where they were, thus embodying feminism's nonhierarchical, collaborative approach and creating an environment where her students could learn from each other. Yet she also pushed them -- to read deeply, to explore their emotional responses to the material, then to push past the personal to the impersonal, to an understanding of social relations between people of different classes, races, genders, sexualities, etc.

GWSS Professor Emerita, Judy Howard, and GWSS longterm lecturer, Pat Novotny, were among the close circle of friends who cared for her toward the end. May we all be so fortunate in feminist friendship.