Regina Lee Delves into the World of Fan Translations in K-Pop // The Daily

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Regina Lee, an expert in fan and media studies and a faculty member in the Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies department, recently shared her expertise in an interview with The Daily's "Weekly Idol" column. The article, titled "A Rookie's Guide to Fan Translations," explores the challenges and significance of fan translations in the dynamic world of K-pop. In her interview, Lee offers valuable insights into the vital role played by fan translators in bridging the language gap for international K-pop enthusiasts.

Reflecting on the unique nature of the interview, Lee humorously commented, "I find it hilarious that this is what they want to interview me for, but that's okay! I'm here for it." The interview promises an engaging read for K-pop enthusiasts and anyone interested in the cultural dynamics of global fandoms. Read the full article here.