Alum Spotlight: A Journey of Personal and Professional Growth, by Alva He

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

As a proud graduate of UW in 2018, where I majored in GWSS, I have embarked on a fulfilling path of personal and professional growth. After earning my Human Resources Management Certificate from the University of Washington Professional Development in 2019, I began my professional journey as a family support specialist at the Asian Counseling and Referral Service. It was during this time that I discovered my deep passion for diversity and inclusion, igniting a desire to make a meaningful impact in this area.

Driven by my expertise and determination, I made a successful transition into the tech recruiting industry, securing roles at prestigious companies such as Amazon and Adobe. Recognizing the need for leadership development, I furthered my education by earning a Leadership Program Certificate from Harvard Professional Development in the summer of 2022.

Currently, I hold the position of Talent Acquisition Manager for two AI startups, where I actively contribute to shaping their talent strategies. Simultaneously, I am proud to serve as the CEO and Founder of my own Recruiting Technology startup, TalentSphere. This entrepreneurial endeavor allows me to combine my passion for diversity and inclusion with innovative solutions in the hiring process. As part of my ongoing commitment to personal growth, I am currently enrolled in an Entrepreneurship Program at Harvard Business School Online.

As an alumna of UW GWSS, I am dedicated to giving back to the program that played a pivotal role in my journey. I aim to provide networking opportunities and valuable career transition advice to fellow graduates, empowering them to pursue their paths of success. Furthermore, GWSS has been instrumental in shaping my understanding of diversity and inclusion in talent acquisition. I am proud to be a certified Diversity and Inclusion Recruiter, and I am deeply passionate about promoting these principles within the industry.

My story is a testament to the versatility and impact of a GWSS major. Why choose GWSS as a major? Because it offers a transformative education that empowers you to challenge societal norms, advocate for social justice, and make a lasting impact on diverse communities. It exemplifies the diverse career choices available to graduates and the significant contributions they can make to both the community and corporate world. 

As my own journey has shown, GWSS equips you with the tools to dismantle barriers and create positive change. Remember,"Nothing is impossible when you dare to dream, plan with purpose, and take action.