Professor Josephine Ensign Joins Humanities Washington's Speakers Bureau to Address Homelessness

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

Josephine Ensign, Adjunct Professor in the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, has been selected as one of Humanities Washington's 2024-25 speakers for their Speakers Bureau. As a member of the Bureau, Ensign will have the opportunity to share her expertise and engage communities across Washington State on a topic close to her heart: "Homelessness and the Meaning of Home."

Professor Ensign's topic couldn't be more timely and relevant. Homelessness is a pressing issue affecting individuals and communities across Washington State. While it's often associated with urban areas, its impact is felt in suburban and rural regions as well. This talk will delve into the historical roots of homelessness, extracting valuable lessons from the past to inform our responses to the contemporary crisis.

Ensign’s dedication to this cause is reflected in her authorship of several books, including Skid Road: On the Frontier of Health and Homelessness in an American City, which was a 2022 finalist for the Washington State Book Award. Her forthcoming book, Way Home: Ways Out of Homelessness, to be published by Johns Hopkins University Press, promises to contribute further to the discourse on this critical issue.

Humanities Washington's Speakers Bureau is set to launch its 2024-25 roster, featuring 40 dynamic speakers who will travel the state, delivering free talks on a diverse range of subjects. From the history of Northwest rock 'n' roll to Black activism in Washington State to the iconic oysters of the region, these talks promise to be both educational and inspiring. The talks are scheduled to begin in January 2024 and will be accessible to communities throughout the state. Visit Humanities Washington's Speakers Bureau webpage to learn more.