Cornell University Hosts Inspiring Chicana Feminism Celebration Featuring GWSS Professor and Alumna

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

Cornell University is set to host a transformative event, "Lest Silence be Destructive: A Celebration of Chicana Feminism and the Work of Helena María Viramontes," on October 20-21, 2023. The centerpiece of the event is "Riding the Currents of the Wilding Wind," a theatrical concert created in collaboration with musical director and GWSS alumna, Martha Gonzalez, and writer Virginia Grise. This powerful performance explores the impact of intersecting freeways on a community, inspired by Viramontes's novel, Their Dogs Came with Them. Directed by Kendra Ware, the concert intertwines stories of resilience with music, offering a poignant reflection on societal change. The event will feature an introduction by GWSS Professor Michelle Habell-Pallán, providing valuable insights into the significance of Chicana feminism. For more information about this inspiring fusion of art, literature, and feminism, celebrating the creativity and resilience of Chicana women, please visit the event website