GWSS major Daisy Federspiel-Baier Speaks Out on Starbucks Workers' Struggles in NY Times Interview

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

GWSS major Daisy Federspiel-Baier, recipient of the 2023 Herring Phelps Scholarly Activism Award and member of Starbucks Workers United, was recently interviewed by the New York Times for the article "Starbucks Workers Walk Out on Red Cup Giveaway Day." Federspiel-Baier's comments shed light on the challenges faced by Starbucks employees, particularly during promotional events like Red Cup Day.

In a recent reflection on her experiences as a student and an activist, Federspiel-Baier shared, “GWSS has given me the opportunity to explore the intersection of being a student and an organizer. The department fosters an environment that allows its students to grow in unique and meaningful ways that extend far outside the classroom. I am so grateful to be part of a program where the work that I do in the classroom continually informs the work that I get to do in my community.”