Unveiling 'Ronda Girls of Pateros': Marielle Marcaida's Impact as a UW Libraries Research Communication and Equity Fellow

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

Marielle Marcaida, a PhD student in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, was recently honored as one of this year's UW Libraries Research Communication and Equity Fellows during a reception held on Thursday, May 9.

The UW Libraries Research Communication and Equity Fellowship, designed for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) graduate students, requires Fellows to create and exhibit a physical artifact visually communicating their research. This opportunity not only raises the visibility of their work on campus but also helps them develop skills for communicating research in public formats.

At the reception, Marielle unveiled her project titled "Ronda Girls of Pateros." This project explores the human rights activism of mothers of drug war victims under the Duterte administration’s “war on drugs” in the Philippines. Through a digital booklet, Marielle intricately delves into the often-overlooked narratives and experiences of women affected by this controversial campaign, highlighting their resilience and grassroots initiatives like the Ronda ng Kababaihan (Patrol of Women) in Pateros City.

The artifacts from all 2024 Fellows, including Marielle's project, are currently on display in the UW Libraries Research Commons and are also available online.