Saad Khan and Marielle Marcaida Announced as Recipients of this Year's Nancy C. M. Hartsock Graduate Student Prize 

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

The Nancy C. M. Hartsock Graduate Student Prize committee has announced the recipients of this year's award, honoring GWSS graduate students Saad Khan and Marielle Marcaida for their outstanding contributions to Feminist Theory. Khan, along with co-author Tanveer Anoy, received recognition for their paper "Queer Prints, Publics, and Counterpublics in Bangladesh: The Coherent, In-between, and Ephemeral," which sheds light on the resilience of queer communities in Bangladesh amidst adversity. Marcaida's paper, "Politicizing Marianismo under the Philippine ‘War on Drugs’," explores the activism of women impacted by the war on drugs in the Philippines, demonstrating how they use marianismo as a tool for political action and empowerment.

The Nancy C.M. Hartsock Graduate Student Paper prize, named in honor of Nancy C.M. Hartsock, a renowned feminist theorist, celebrates emerging scholars' creative achievements in feminist theory. The award recognizes scholars like Khan and Marcaida whose work embodies Hartsock's commitment to justice and multidisciplinary feminist research.