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On the left, a headshot of Michelle Habell-Pallan smiling. She has dark red curly hair on one side and a buzz cut on the other. She's wearing large teardrop earrings and a chunky collar necklace. On the right, centered on top of a yellow background are the words " Michelle Habell-Pallan on 'Plurifeminisms Across Abya Yala." In the lower right-hand corner is the logo for the Simpson Center for Humanities.
"Plurifeminisms Across Abya Yala:" A Retrospective Look at the Symposium on Gender, Race, and Social Justice in the Americas
Dr. Burneo Salazar with her chin propped up on her crossed arms which are resting on a cement wall. She's in a body of water.
2023 Stice Feminist Scholar of Social Justice: Ecuadorian Activist Cristina Burneo Salazar