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GWSS Major

Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies provides a window into discussions about globalization, violence, commerce, reproductive rights, art, music and many other issues. Students gain broad exposure to interdisciplinary methods and activist strategies, and are trained to analyze inequities in society and work toward social justice and change. The GWSS major is an open major, students with a cumulative UW GPA of at least 2.0, can declare it at any time. If you have transfer courses that may count toward the major it’s a good idea to see the adviser early so your coursework can be evaluated and used toward requirements. Our major includes an Internship experience that helps integrate classroom philosophy with departmental learning goals, including engaging students  in active and student-centered learning that contributes to social justice. We also offer a Departmental Honors program.

GWSS Major Requirements prior to Fall Quarter 2020

GWSS Major Requirements

For students declaring a major in Fall Quarter 2020 or later
Cumulative UW GPA of 2.0 required for entrance to the major
A minimum of 58 credits required, 25 of which must be taken in residence at UW

GWSS 200 Intro to Women Studies or transfer equivalent (5 credits)
GWSS 200 is a prerequisite for many other GWSS courses.

GWSS 302 Feminist Theories and Methods (5 credits)
Prerequisite: either GWSS 200 or GWSS 206. GWSS 302 is a prerequisite for the Senior Capstone and variable credit courses (494, 495, 497, and 499).

One upper-division course focusing on transnational perspective (5 credits)
See adviser for list of eligible courses. 

GWSS 497 Internship (Fieldwork) (A minimum of 3 credits are required.)  One may take up to 12 additional credits for a total of 15 credits. Only ten of these additional credits can be applied to the elective upper-division GWSS credits. 

One class in at least 3 of these 4 overlapping focus points (15 credits):

  • Global Identity Foundations
  • Decolonizing Empire
  • Feminist Knowledge Production & Radical Critique
  • Building Social, Cultural, and Political Movements for Change

See adviser for a list of courses in each category.

Additional gender, women, and sexuality studies upper division credits (20 credits)
10 credits must be graded and only 10 credits from variable credit courses (GWSS 495, GWSS 496, GWSS 497, GWSS 499) can be applied toward this requirement.

GWSS 494 Senior Capstone (5 credits)

Minimum 20 credits applied toward the major must be completed in residence through the UW.

Minimum 2.0 cumulative GRA in courses applied to the major.