GWSS Honors

A student who demonstrates academic excellence (a GPA of 3.5 or above) in their Gender Women and Sexuality Studies coursework is eligible to participate in GWSS Departmental Honors. Departmental Honors requires students to complete 20 credits of upper division GWSS coursework as ad hoc honors courses. This coursework can be part of a student’s major requirements, so no additional credits are required. Students will complete three upper division courses and the Capstone course as ad hoc honors.

Ad hoc Honors provides students the opportunity to work with an instructor to create a plan of additional study in order to pursue a course with more depth. Students who exercise this option must show significant initiative and pursue a serious amount of supplementary work in his or her exploration of the subject. An instructor should not accept this contract if s/he is unable to also give the time and effort necessary to supervise the Honors student's project.  Ad hoc must be a partnership between the instructor and student and both must commit to extended effort and be available, aware, and engaged in the project. Unless both are prepared to make this commitment, the ad hoc option should not be undertaken.

In order to graduate with departmental honors students must:

  • Register as honors students with the GWSS adviser
  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA in all GWSS coursework
  • Maintain a 3.3 cumulative UW GPA
  • Complete three upper division courses as ad hoc honors.  Students may take graduate-level (500- or above) courses to earn Departmental Honors credit; students do not need to submit an ad hoc application to earn this credit, presuming they complete the graduate-level work associated with the course, but must notify the GWSS adviser to arrange this credit.
  • Complete GWSS 494 as ad hoc honors

When you complete departmental honors you will graduate "With Honors in Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies" on your transcript and diploma.


In order to receive honors credit for a course you must follow the procedure set out by the University Honors Program. Everything you need to know can be found at the UW Ad Hoc Honors page.

You must submit your application for ad hoc credit by the first Friday of each quarter. Contacting your professor early to discuss your proposal is a good idea.  

You may also wish to consult the UW Honors page for general program information.