GWSS Professors Michelle Habell-Pallan and Cricket Keating Set to Co-Lead a Microseminar on Plurifeminisms Across Abya Yala for the Simpson Center in Spring Quarter

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Plurifeminisms Across Abya Yala

Course Number: HUM 597C
Credits: 2
Instructors: Michelle Habell-Pallán, Department of Gender, Women, & Sexuality Studies
Location: (Hybrid) Zoom URL and Room TBD
Meeting Dates/Times: 1:30-3:00pm, May 12, May 19, June 2

As part of the microseminar, students will attend and interview speakers for the Plurifeminisms across Abya Yala symposium (May 24-May 25).

Description: In conjunction with an upcoming symposium, this microseminar focuses on contemporary plurifeminisms across Abya Yala,* particularly the “art-law” collaborations that have been a component of many feminist struggles for transformation in the region. In the seminar, we will analyze the work of indigenous, black, Chicanx, queer, and feminist legal scholars, artists, and activists who have been working on issues of indigenous sovereignty, democracy, interculturalism, anti-extractivism, violence, sexuality, and the relationship between art and activism over the past two decades. In the microseminar, students will also learn basic techniques for creating short interview podcasts.

 *Respecting a call from people living there, Abya Yala has become a way to refer to the Americas. It refers as well to a differentiated indigenous locus of cultural and political expression. In the Cuna language of Panama, Abya Yala means “land in full maturity.”