Bettina Judd featured in Poem-a-Day 

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Two of Bettina Judd’s recent poems appear in Poem-a-Day, the daily digital poetry series of the Academy of American Poets, which features over 200 new, previously unpublished poems by contemporary poets each year. “on empathy” (2020) and “Not My Ancestors” (2021) were published along with Dr. Judd's commentary on them, audio recordings of her reading the poems and commentaries aloud accompany the printed word, providing an immersive, searing poetic experience.  

on empathy 

“what it sounds like is a bird breaking small bones against glass.” 

Not My Ancestors 

“I, heiress of red embers / the fiercest of which burn the uncareful hand” 

Professor Judd has also published several other new poems, including “Mitochondrial Eve 11.20” and “Laura: Mitochondrial Eve” in Women’s Studies Quarterly, “mitochondrial eve brainstorming the archive” in Feminist Studies, and “you are falling for someone in hell” in The Massachusetts Review. All are available through the UW Libraries digital collections. 

Massachusetts Review Q&A

The Massachusetts Review, a quarterly of literature, the arts, and public affairs, published "you are falling for someone in hell" in Summer 2021. On July 19, Marissa Perez posed "10 Questions for Bettina Judd." Click to read her responses.