Hwasook Nam Honored with 2023 James B. Palais Book Prize 

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

Retired Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies adjunct faculty member and Associate Professor Emeritus in the Department of History, Hwasook Nam, has been awarded the 2023 James B. Palais Book Prize for her second book, Women in the Sky: Gender and Labor in the Making of Modern Korea (Cornell University Press, 2021). This notable achievement adds to her previous success, as her first book, Building Ships, Building a Nation: Korea's Democratic Unionism under Park Chung Hee (University of Washington Press, 2009), had also received the esteemed James B. Palais Book Prize in 2011.

Nam's latest work delves into the often overlooked and significant role of women in shaping modern Korea. With meticulous research and analytical rigor, she delves into the intricate relationship between gender and labor, shedding light on the remarkable contributions made by female laborers, activists, and pioneers. By challenging conventional historical narratives, Nam's book brings to the forefront the struggles and triumphs experienced by Korean women throughout history.

The James B. Palais Book Prize holds a position of high esteem within the field of Korean studies. Named in honor of James B. Palais, a renowned scholar of Korean history, the prize is awarded annually to recognize exceptional scholarly work that significantly contributes to the understanding of Korea. Being a recipient of this esteemed award not just once, but twice, speaks volumes about the quality, depth, and significance of Nam's research and its profound impact on the field of Korean studies.