GWSS Faculty Priti Ramamurthy and Regina Yung Lee Honored at the 2023 UW Awards of Excellence Ceremony

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The Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies extends heartfelt congratulations to two remarkable faculty members, Priti Ramamurthy and Regina Yung Lee, on receiving prestigious honors at the 2023 UW Awards of Excellence Ceremony. Together they exemplify the department's commitment to excellence in feminist mentorship and teaching.


Headshot of Priti Ramamurthy smiling at the camera. Wearing glasses, gold and white beaded dangle earrings, and a black tunic with a flowered scarf on the right shoulder.  The background is black with gold stripes.

Priti Ramamurthy, Professor of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, has been bestowed with the 2023 UW Marsha L. Landolt Distinguished Graduate Mentor Award. This recognition recognizes her unparalleled commitment to graduate student education. Her rigorous and creative thinking, hard work, care, and commitment as a scholar, reviewer, editor, teacher, and academic leader all coalesce in her exceptional practice of graduate mentorship, as she models for students what it means to be intellectually and ethically committed to the work while supporting their unique talents and interests in every way possible.


Headshot of Regina Yung Lee smiling. She has long black hair with grey streaks, square framed glasses, and is wearing a royal blue turtleneck sweater with a simple necklace on top. The background is black with gold rays.

Regina Yung Lee, Assistant Professor of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, has been honored with the 2023 UW Distinguished Teaching Award. This accolade serves as a testament to her outstanding contributions in the realm of teaching and learning. Her innovative pedagogical approaches, unwavering passion for the subject matter, and inclusive teaching practices have transformed the educational experiences of hundreds of students in the field of Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies. It’s no surprise that when asked about their favorite class in the department, GWSS majors often tell their peers, “Be sure during your time at UW to take a class with Dr. Lee!”