Christina Yuen Zi Chung Receives Nancy C. M. Hartsock Award for Research on Gender Dynamics in Hong Kong

Submitted by Whitney Miller on

Christina Yuen Zi Chung, a graduate student in the Department of Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies, has been honored with the Nancy C. M. Hartsock Endowed Graduate Student Award for her paper titled "Racial Capitalism and the Dis/locations of Gender in Hong Kong.”

Chung's paper, recognized by the awards committee as both “politically engaged and meticulously executed,” delves into the intricate social and cultural dynamics between migrant domestic workers and their Han Chinese employers in Hong Kong. By analyzing these dynamics, she sheds light on the construction of middle-class womanhood while also exposing the ethnocentrism and racism faced by Han Chinese migrant workers. The paper not only emphasizes the intimate connection between material conditions and social identity formation but also explores the powerful artistic expressions of migrant domestic workers as they voice critical ethno-racial and class consciousness.

The Nancy C. M. Hartsock Endowed Graduate Student Award, named after the feminist theorist Nancy C. M. Hartsock, pays tribute to her significant contributions to the field. Hartsock's influential work on feminist standpoint theory continues to shape feminist scholarship. In recognition of her dedication to graduate teaching and multidisciplinary feminist research, the award was established in her honor upon her retirement from the University of Washington in 2009. Through the Nancy C. M. Hartsock Endowed Graduate Student Award, scholars like Christina Yuen Zi Chung are celebrated for their exceptional achievements and unwavering commitment to advancing feminist theory.