Ramon Johnson Attains ABD Status and Embarks on Pivotal Dissertation Project

Submitted by Whitney Miller on
Ramon Johnson celebrates exam success with committee members (from left): Stephanie Smallwood, Chandan Reddy, Ramon Johnson, Bettina Judd, and Kemi Adeyemi.

On December 4, 2023, GWSS graduate student Ramon Johnson achieved a significant milestone by passing their general exams and officially attaining the prestigious All But Dissertation (ABD) status. Building on this accomplishment, Ramon is now fully immersed in their dissertation, titled "The Trill of Progress: Politics and Paradoxes of Black Transgender & Queer Organizing in Single Sex HBCUs," recognized by their committee chair, Kemi Adeyemi, as "brilliant and necessary."

In their own words, Ramon characterizes the dissertation as "an archival and ethnographic study that explores the concept of 'progress' in regards to the transgender and queer organizing efforts undertaken by single-sex Historically Black College & University students and campus stakeholders." The project aims to unravel the intricate dynamics of how these institutions navigate and respond to organizing endeavors amidst influential factors such as neoliberalism, respectability politics, cis-heteronormativity, and anti-blackness.

Congratulations, Ramon, on this significant achievement! Your committee and the department are excited for what lies ahead in your groundbreaking research. Best wishes for the next phase of your academic journey!