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M.A., Black Queer Studies, New York University, 2020
B.A., Sociology, Morehouse College, 2018



Pride & Power: The History & Future of LGBTQ+ Politics

his virtual discussion explores the past, present, and future of LGBTQ+ political participation in America. How has the LGBTQ+ community historically been involved in, and excluded from, politics? What avenues are currently available to the LGBTQ+ community to affect sociopolitical change? And what steps must be taken in order to make our democracy more inclusive and safer for the LGBTQ+ community? Featuring Lady Anderson (she/her), Director of Policy, Advocacy and Community Engagement at Gay City; Cristina Ortega (she/her), President of Yakima Pride; Senator Emily Randall (she/her), 26th Legislative District; and Debra Salazar (she/her), Professor of Political Science at Western Washington University. Moderated by Ramon Johnson (they/them), Graduate Student of Gender, Women and Sexuality Studies at University of Washington.

Project STAND Symposium: Documenting Student Activism 

The following forum in this four part series began with a dialogue that assessed the significance of documenting student activism within contemporary movements of social injustice impacting marginalized communities and with those directly engaging in its work--student activists. Panelists provided context into why they have taken on activist labor, issues of documenting and preserving student activism and the challenges surrounding this role in academic structures.


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