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Headshot of Professor Kemi Adeyemi next to the cover of her book "Feel Right"
Kemi Adeyemi Receives Prestigious Gloria E. AnzaldĂșa Book Prize
Jorunal Cover for Feminist Media Histories
Sasha Su-Ling Welland Featured in Interview on Cross-Generational Storytelling // Feminist Media Histories
Upper body shot of Saad Khan smiling at the camera. He's wearing a light-blue v-neck t-shirt and glasses. The background is blurred greens indicating he may be outside.
Saad Khan Receives Presidential Dissertation Fellowship for Groundbreaking LGBTQ Activism Research in Bangladesh
Headshot of Anna Zhao smiling at the camera. She is wearing a black blazer, long gold necklace, and her hair in a ponytail with long side bangs.
Anna Zhao Awarded Chester Fritz Fellowship for Research on Medicalized Childbirth in China
Headshot of Bobbi Kindred smiling at the camera. They have a short afro, and are wearing a thin gold chain and a grey sweater.
Bobbi Kindred Awarded UW College of Arts & Sciences' Prestigious Alvord Endowed Fellowship