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A black and white line art drawing of a figure squatting with one arm in the air and the other holding a sign with a music note on it
Sumangala Damodaran Discusses 'Songs of Protest and Sorrow' on ArchitectureTalk
Headshot of Kristy Leissle
Unwrapping the Politics: Kristy Leissle, the Doc of Choc, Featured on Last Week Tonight
UWCHR 2022-23 Annual Report Cover
UWCHR Unveils First-Year Findings: Empowering Massage Parlor Workers and Students
Deeya Sharma holding up free pregnancy tests
Advancing Reproductive Healthcare Access on Campus and Beyond: Deeya Sharma and Kels Cook on Their Reproductive Justice Adjacent Projects 
Upper body shot of Saad Khan smiling at the camera. He's wearing a light-blue v-neck t-shirt and glasses. The background is blurred greens indicating he may be outside.
Saad Khan Receives Presidential Dissertation Fellowship for Groundbreaking LGBTQ Activism Research in Bangladesh
On the left, a headshot of Michelle Habell-Pallan smiling. She has dark red curly hair on one side and a buzz cut on the other. She's wearing large teardrop earrings and a chunky collar necklace. On the right, centered on top of a yellow background are the words " Michelle Habell-Pallan on 'Plurifeminisms Across Abya Yala." In the lower right-hand corner is the logo for the Simpson Center for Humanities.
"Plurifeminisms Across Abya Yala:" A Retrospective Look at the Symposium on Gender, Race, and Social Justice in the Americas
Upper body shot of Regina Yung Lee smiling at the camera, wearing tinted glasses and a black and brown patterned top. She has her hand clasped on the desk in front of her and in the background are a variety of musical instruments.
Regina Yung Lee Explores Feminist Pedagogy and Digital Project Creation in Latest Going Public Podcast Episode
Dr. Burneo Salazar with her chin propped up on her crossed arms which are resting on a cement wall. She's in a body of water.
2023 Stice Feminist Scholar of Social Justice: Ecuadorian Activist Cristina Burneo Salazar 
Skid Road Book Cover. Skid and Road are stacked on top of one another in large white lettering with the subititle "on the frontier of health and homelessness in Seattle" appearing in smaller letters in between.
Josephine Ensign Explores Seattle's History of Health and Homelessness in Latest Book, Skid Road
Small Gold W paperweight in the corner of the foregound. Background is out of focus and features circles of yellow and white light.
Cricket Keating and Michelle Habell-Pallan Receive UW Global Innovation Awards
Harriet Dumba, a dark-skinned black woman with long braids pulled back in a ponytail, wearing a blue blouse and patterned skirt, holding her 2022 GWSS Alumni Award plaque and smiling at the camera.
2022 GWSS Alumni Awardee Harriet Poni Dumba: “There is so much work for us to do out there.”  
Book cover with purple background, white flowers and birds covered by black lines symbolizing prison bars with the bar in the middle replaced by a pencil
Mediha Sorma Contributes to Translation of Prison Writings by Kurdish Women Politicians
Image of woman (Martha Gonzalez) sitting in the middle of a couch playing a guitar with her son and husband on either side of her also playing guitars.
Genius Award for GWSS Alum// Perspectives
Image of woman (Martha Gonzalez) sitting in the middle of a couch playing a guitar with her son and husband on either side of her also playing guitars.
Martha Gonzalez Receives 2022 MacArthur Fellowship
Gray scale image of the back of a person with shoulder-length hair holding a white sign with black handwriting that reads "My Body, My Choice"
Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies Statement on Reproductive Justice
GLQ Journal Cover: pink background with dark pink text made to look like the sideways outline of the American flag with the words "Queer Liberation Means Prison Abolition" behind the the stripes, which look like prison bars
Chandan Reddy Named Co-Editor of GLQ
Upper body shop of woman smiling at camera, wearing winter jacket and scarf, with shoulder-length brown hair which is blowing in the wind and in her face. Background is beach and tree line.
"An Extension of All My Classes and Vice Versa," Brooke Fulton on her internship with the Seattle City Attorney's Office
Ramon Johnson Accepting Women Engaged Award
Ramon Johnson Receives the Alumni Award from Women Engaged