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B.A., Africana Studies & Gender Studies, San Francisco State University, 2019
M.A., Feminist Studies, University of Washington, 2021

Bobbi Kindred, Cierra Green, writer, author, and storyteller, is a Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies Ph. D. scholar at the University of Washington, Seattle, and have recently graduated with their B.A. in Africana Studies from San Francisco State University. Their research and artivist praxis is rooted in Black Feminist Theory and centers the experiences of Black women, queer and  trans folk whose lived experiences intersect with navigating substance addiction within a system that perpetually criminalizes and stigmatizes folk on this particular axis. They hope to continue to reveal the deep interconnections between Black agency, the spoken word as a means of subjectivity, and theater as a ritualistic practice, as necessary creators that allow for the expansion of canonized recovery literature to encompass the voices and experiences of those exiled to the periphery.