Logan O'Laughlin

GWSS Alumni - UX Researcher, CDW
Recent Ph.D. in Feminist Studies | Long-haired person wearing blue blazer looks into camera while smiling

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Ph.D. Feminist Studies, University of Washington, 2018
M.A. Feminist Studies, University of Washington, 2015
B.A. Sociology and French & Francophone Studies, Vassar College, 2011

Dissertation: Figuring the Eco-logic Toxicities of Animals: (Re)productions of the Human

Logan's research interrogates contemporary anxieties about environmental toxins and their effects on sex, sexual development, and reproduction in North America. Their master's research interrogated popular representations of intersex fish and frogs exposed to toxins through the framing of queer temporality and anti-normativity. Logan’s doctoral research continues to explore representations of toxicity in popular culture, paying specific attention to the way that toxic spills co-articulate species with race, gender, and sex. They trace how humans recruit figures of toxin-exposed animals as discursive ambassadors for the longevity of white, heterosexual human families in moments of environmental crisis.

Dissertation: Toxic animal encounters: queer environmental threats and racialized reproduction anxieties.