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Christina Yuen Zi Chung and Sasha Su-Ling Welland, "Wandering Geographies: Aesthetic Practice along China's Belt and Road Initiative," Feminist Studies 47.2 (2021): 372-417. Publications, Essays 21st Century, Aesthetics, Chinese, Decolonial, Feminism, Gender, Global Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Visual Arts

Michelle Habell-Pallán. "'Death to Racism and Punk Rock Revisionism':" Alice Bag's Vexing Voice and
the Ineffable Influence of Canción Ranchera on Hollywood Punk." In Pop: When the World Falls Apart,
Music in the Shadow of a Doubt.
Ed. Eric Weisbard. Durham: Duke University Press, 2012.

Publications, Essays Popular Music, Race and Ethnicity, Latino/a Studies
Amanda Lock Swarr. Sex in Transition: Remaking Gender and Race in South Africa. New York, SUNY Press, 2012. Publications, Books African, Gender, Queer Studies, Race and Ethnicity, Sexuality, Transgender Studies

Shirley Yee. An Immigrant Neighborhood: Interethnic and Interracial Encounters in New York before 1930. Philadelphia: Temple University Press, 2011.

Publications, Books Race and Ethnicity, 20th Century, Immigration, Urban Studies

Michelle Habell-Pallán and Wilfried Raussert, editors. "Cornbread and Cuchifritos": Ethnic Identity Politics, Transnationalization, and Transculturation in American Urban Popular Music: Inter-American Perspectives. Trier: Germany, Wissenschaftlicher Verlag Trier (WVT), 2011.

Publications, Books American, Music, Popular Music, Race and Ethnicity

Shirley Yee. • "Dependency and Opportunity: Socioeconomic relations between Chinese and non-Chinese in New York City, 1870-1943," Journal of Urban History 33(January 2007): 254-76.

Publications, Essays Race and Ethnicity, 20th Century, Chinese, Urban Studies
Sasha Su-Ling Welland. “Being Between: Can Multiracial Americans Form a Cohesive Anti-racist Movement beyond Identity Politics and Tiger Woods Chic?,” ColorLines: Race, Culture, Action, 6.2 (2003): 31-33. Publications, Essays American, Race and Ethnicity, Social Justice
WSQ (Women Studies Quarterly)Special Issue, Fall 2015 The 1970sGuest Editors: Shelly Eversley and Michelle Habell-Pallán Publications, Editions Activism, Collaboration, Feminism, Race and Ethnicity, Sexuality, Social Change, Women of Color