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2021 GWSS Graduation Celebration

2021 GWSS Graduation
2021 GWSS Graduation

GWSS 2021 Graduation Celebration Video

2021 Arts & Sciences Dean's Medal

  • GWSS graduating major Audi Brown. Congratulations Audi!

2021 GWSS Award Recipients

  • GWSS Service Award is awarded to GWSS Librarian, Cassandra Hartnett.
  • Herring Phelps Award for Scholarly Activism is awarded to GWSS undergraduate Audi Brown.
  • GWSS awarded 2 Herring Phelps Awards for Outstanding GWSS Senior this year: GWSS undergraduate Malachi Skiby and GWSS undergraduate Jessie Larsen. 
  • Pamela E. Yee Gender and Disability Studies Award is awarded to Sociology and Disability Studies undergraduate Annette Malakoff. 
  • The Marie Doman Award for Excellence in Teaching is awarded to GWSS graduate student Michelle Kritz Morado.