2022 GWSS Graduates & Award Recipients

6 GWSS Faculty Members standing next to each other wearing graduation robes and masks and smiling
GWSS Faculty and Emeritus Faculty at Graduation. From Left: Kemi Adeyemi, Priti Ramamurthy, Amanda Swarr, Angela Ginorio, Cricket Keating, and Judy Howard
GWSS Ph.D. students, Elizabeth Ramirez Arreola and Yingyi Wang, pictured from middle up wearing graduation gowns and smiling at the camera
2022 GWSS Ph.D. Students: Elizabeth Ramirez Arreola and Yingyi Wang
GWSS Graduates: Students sitting, wearing caps and gowns, and smiling at the camera
GWSS Graduating Students Waiting to Receive their Certificates. From Left: Crystal Ngo, Sakura Rael, and Jailene A Sanchez.
A group of 5 people in a row who appear to be related. The second from the right is wearing a graduation robe, banner and a lei.
GWSS Graduate and Award Winner, Kenji Fujinaka, pictured with family.
A group of four people standing under a congrats banner
GWSS Graduate, Renee Guan, and family.
A group of four standing under a gold congrats banner. All are wearing graduation robes and holding signs, including "congratulations graduates," "2022," the GWSS logo, and "dream big"
GWSS Ph.D. Recipient Yingyi Wang with GWSS Faculty Members. From Left: Priti Ramamurthy, Yingyi Wang, Sasha Su-Ling Welland, and Michelle Habell-Pallan.

Graduation Program


Elizabeth Ramirez Arreola
"'Quieren Mi Labor Más No Mi Intelecto (They Want My Hands Not My Brains)' Mapping the Gendered and Racialized Journeys of Adult, English Learner, Immigrant Latin American Women Accessing and Surviving in
the U.S. Higher Education System"
Angela Ginorio, Doctoral Committee Chair

Stephanie Yingyi Wang
"Cruel Activism: Precarity, Labor, and Affect of Chinese Feminist and LGBT Rights NGOs"
Priti Ramamurthy & Sasha Su-Ling Welland, Doctoral Committee Co-Chairs


Nastasia Paul-Gera
"Ecologies of Power: A Feminist History of State Building in the Gond Kingdom of Garha, 1500-1870s"


Brianna Algarin Sarah Archer Madison Brooke
Hailey Capps Bailey Cardoza Faith Evangeline Evans
Kenji Fujinaka Renee Guan Karli Noelle Heikkila
Madelyn Joy Johnson Nora Lee Ali McMahan
Crystal Ngo Luisa Jasmine Ortiz Diaz Sakura Rael
Makenna Ryan Reaves Jailene A Sanchez Madalyn Stucker
Lindsay M Vallejo Jeru Wang Keely Rae Wolfer


Abril Beretta Makayla Dehmer Lauren Gil Lauren Graves
Sierra Grossman Lazarus Hart Geetanjali Lakshmi Iyer Victoria Kippes
Abigail Juhyun Lee Michelle Lopez Minglang Miao Leslie Munoz-Ruiz
Odalys Natalie Nuno Mikey Loren Prince Andrea Reyes Jacquelyn Shaw
Pukhraj Kunwar Sidhu Anna Oleksandrivna Svyatenka Lindsay M Vallejo Isabella Sophia Maria Vazquez
Brenda Villa Naomi Yuen-Schat    


Alumni Award 
Harriet Dumba (GWSS B.A., 2004)

GWSS Service Award
Young Kim

Herring Phelps Scholarly Activism Award
Simona Liao

Herring Phelps Outstanding GWSS Senior Award
Kenji Fujinaka

Pamela E. Yee Gender and Disability Studies Award
Talia Katayama Bass & Paloma Vazquez

Marie Doman Excellence in Teaching Award
Christina Yuen Zi Chung & Mediha Sorma