Congrats to our 2023 GWSS Graduates & Award Recipients!

A chocolate sheet cake with the image of a graduation cap and balloons. Cake reads "congratulations class of 2023!"
Upper body shot of a woman with long blond hair who is wearing a purple dress and smiling at the camera.
GWSS Major, Alyssa Knight
Side view of a professor in graduation cap and gown handing a certificate to a graduating student.
Professor Amanda Swarr presenting Jason Tomberlin a graduation certificate for majoring in GWSS.
Upper body shot of Ameli Cyr. She is wearing a graduation cap, her hair in a long brain, and a face mask. She is looking to her left while holding up the certificate for 2023 GWSS Service Award.
2023 GWSS Service Award Winner and GWSS Major, Ameli Cyr
Profile of two people in graduation caps and gowns. One is behind the other adjusting the doctoral hood that has just been placed over the other's head.
Doctoral Recipient, Michelle Morado, Being Hooded by Committee Chair, Shirley Yee
Parents standing on either side of their graduating son. The son is wearing graduation cap and gown. Background gold and pink tinsel with banner reading "congrats" hanging above their heads.
GWSS Minor, Trevor Dallas Little, with parents
Profile image of three women in graduation caps and gowns. Two women are behind the third and are placing a graduation hood over her head.
Doctoral Recipient, Iris Viveros Avendaño, Being Hooded by Doctoral Committee Chairs, Michelle Habell-Pallán and angela ginorio
Upper body shot of Deborah Jin. She has on full graduation regalia and is holding up the certificate for her B.A. in Gender, Women & Sexuality Studies.
2023 Major, Deborah Jin
Side shot of Hadi Yusri accepting certificate for minor in GWSS from Professor Amanda Swarr. Both are wearing full graduation regalia.
Professor Amanda Swarr presenting Hadi Yusri a graduation certificate for minoring in GWSS.
Upper body shot of two people in full graduation regalia. One is standing in front of the other as they receive their doctoral hood from the person behind them..
Doctoral Recipient, fabian romero, Being Hooded by Doctoral Committee Chair, Chandan Reddy
A young woman in a graduation gown posing for a photo with three family members, including her parents. They are holding up paper signs: the GWSS logo, "GWSS 2023," and "Dream Big." with the
GWSS Minor, Raia Karmali, with family
Two women, one in graduation gown and one in cap and gown, standing next to each other and smiling for the camera. The one in cap and gown, on the right, is holding a bouquet of flowers and a graduation certificate.
GWSS Chair and Professor Sasha Su-Ling Welland with Ph.D. Recipient, Mediha Sorma
Upper body image of three women in graduation caps and gown smiling for the camera. The background is pink and gold tinsel.
From Left: Professor Marisol Berríos-Miranda, Ph.D. Recipient Iris Viveros Avendaño, and Professor Michelle Habell-Pallán
Upper body shot of Daisy Federspiel-Baier. She has short brown hair, is wearing a face mask and smiling at the camera while holding up a copy of her award certificate.
2023 Herring-Phelps Scholarly Activism Award Recipient, Daisy Federspiel-Baier
Profile image of Doctoral Recipient, Mediha Sorma, standing elegantly in full graduation regalia with hands on chest and eyes closed as Doctoral Committee Chair, Professor Chandan Reddy, stands behind her adjusting the hood he has just placed over her head.
Doctoral Recipient, Mediha Sorma, Being Hooded by Committee Chair, Chandan Reddy
Photobooth image of Deeya Sharma with sister and parents. She is holding flowers and her graduation certificate. The banner above her head reads "congrats" with a gold tinsel backdrop.
GWSS Major, Deeya Sharma, and family
Upper body shot of Hanna Kane smiling at camera and holding award certificate. Background left: seated faculty members. Background right: Professor Shirley Yee standing and smiling towards Hanna.
2023 GWSS Pamela E. Yee Gender & Disability Studies Award Winner, Hanna Kane
Three women in graduation caps and gowns smiling at the camera and standing in front of purple and gold tinsel with a banner reading "congrats" overhead.
From Left: Professor Shirley Yee, Ph.D. Recipient Michelle Morado, and Professor Michelle Habell-Pallán
Group of three people in graduation caps and gowns celebrating. The person on the left is holding a bouquet of flowers, the one in the middle is smiling at the camera, and the one on the right is snacking from a plate of fruit.
From left: Ph.D. Recipient fabi romero, Professor angela ginorio, and Professor Michelle Habell-Pallán

2023 Graduation Program


Michelle Kritz Morado
"Creative Kin Making: Creative Practices among Queer Youth and Womxn of Color, 1950-2020"
Shirley J. Yee, Doctoral Committee Chair

fabian romero
"Insurgent Kinship: Queer P’urhepécha Migrations and Kinship"
Chandan Reddy, Doctoral Committee Chair

Mediha Sorma
"Militant Mothers of the Kurdish Resistance: Statelessness, Mothering and Subaltern Politics in the Contemporary Turkey"
Chandan Reddy & Alys Weinbaum, Doctoral Committee Co-Chairs

Iris Crystal Viveros Avendaño
"Feminista Dance Disruptions in Fandango Temporalities"
angela ginorio & Michelle Habell-Pallán, Doctoral Committee Co-Chairs


Mai Bailey Olivia Rose Brunner-Gaydos Brittani S. Caldwell Archer Choi
Ameli Cyr Brooke Fulton Sara Habibi Deborah Jin
Alyssa C. Knight Simona Zhehui Liao Kennedy Meyers Crystal Novoa
Sakura Rael Reidan Deeya Sharma Rebecca Strizver
Hiroko Jason Tomberlin Tori Winkler  


Liliana Victoria Alvarado Garcia Elizabeth Kathleen Bennett Justin Dahlquist Melinda Day Emily Catherine Eberhart
Sandra Espino Kylani Loren Evans Greta Fehlan Mackenzie Hannah Floyd Samantha Rae Friedlander
Meera Mikaela Hoar Isabella Hoff Arianna Huston Katrina Johnson Raia Zarina Karmali
Madeline Rose Kerbs Emily Sirintra Khounmany Jade Kuo Trevor Dallas Little Sharise Skylar Love
Maychelle Garduno Manzano Juliette Ellen Marzio Carmen McNamara-Smith Paige Millham Dafne Moreno
Kennedy Patterson John Paul Purugganan Emily Riehl Grace Romero Margaret Marylou Smith
Spider Todd Heila Vakili Jaz Windsor Stirling Simone Yeadon Hadi Yusri


GWSS Service Award
 Ameli Cyr

Herring Phelps Scholarly Activism Award
Daisy Federspiel-Baier & Alyssa Knight

Herring Phelps Outstanding GWSS Senior Award
Jasmine An

Pamela E. Yee Gender and Disability Studies Award
Hanna Kane & Emerson Dusic