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Headshot of Kristy Leissle
Unwrapping the Politics: Kristy Leissle, the Doc of Choc, Featured on Last Week Tonight
Miniaturized shopping cart full of packages on top of a cell phone
Kavita Dattani's Research Unveils Gender Disparities in Gig Economy // The Guardian
Book Cover for "Stories that Bind: Political Economy and Culture in New India": Title (black text) and subtitle (red text) are at the top of the image, stacked on top of one another, with the title being significantly larger is at the top in all caps. The authors name (Madhavi Murty) is at the bottom of the page. The majority of the cover is filled with color pencil drawings of Indian men and women engaged in various daily activities.
Madhavi Murty Honored with Outstanding Book Award by the International Communication Association
Nastasia Paul-Gera Successfully Passes her General Exams and Moves on to Candidacy