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Poetry Reading, Speak to Me! Volume II, Dr. Bettina A. Judd
Hugo House Speak to Me! Volume II January 25 at 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
A Q&A with UW faculty authors of 'American Sabor' Featured on UW News 
GWSS Graduate Student Michelle Morado-Peters receives the 2018-2019 GO-MAP Latino/a Scholars Graduate Fellowship
GWSS graduate student, Michelle Morado-Peters has received the 2018-2019 GO-MAP Latino/a Scholar's Graduate Fellowship. Michelle's research examines the creation and deployment of "Pachuca" identity among Mexican American women in California and the southwestern United States during the 1940s and 1950s.
GWSS Faculty and Students at 2017 NWSA Conference
'Feminism' is the word of the year. Should we be celebrating?, Nicole Brodeur, The Seattle Times, 12/19/2017. By  Nicole Brodeur   Seattle Times staff columnist
Shirley Yee, Chair of Gender, Women, and Sexuality weighs in Featured on The Seattle Times 
Feminist Studies Special Issue
From Feminist Studies Email:
Michelle Habell-Pallan with new book American Sabor: U.S. Latinos in Pop Music - UW Press
American Sabor, UW NEWS - Popular exhibit on Latino music debuts as a book: A Q&A with UW faculty authors of 'American Sabor', Kim Eckart, UW NEWS, January 3, 2018
The Black Embodiments Studio The Black Embodiments Course Flyer The Black Embodiments Studio Project Narrative Winter 2018  Residency Directed by Dr. Kemi  Adeyemi Assistant Professor of Gender, Women  & Sexuality  Studies
Scholarship as Public Practice: Social Justice and Campus-Community Partnerships