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China in the New Millennium: Art, Politics, and the Environment poster
China in the New Millennium: Art, Politics, and the Environment Mt. San Antonio College - Third Annual Chinese Cultures & Histories Workshop April 23, 2019
Machismo and Toxic Masculinity Event
GWSS doctoral candidates Elizabeth Ramirez Arreola and Iris Viveros Avendaño served as panelists for the hugely successful roundtable dissection of machismo and toxic masculinity in the Latinx community. Elizabeth helped to organize this event which was sponsored by ASUW La Raza and SARVA.
Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman
The Earl and Edna Stice Lectureship in the Social Sciences presents Black Queer Studies & The State of Emergency Aliyyah Abdur-Rahman, Associate Professor of American Studies and English at Brown University will present Black Presentism &The Practice of Ecstasy Abstract:
Husky Giving Day 2019
At the University of Washington, our greatest strength is our community. That’s why our first annual Husky Giving Day is starting and ending with you. On April 4, 2019, join us for 24 hours of opportunities to come together and proudly support the people, programs and causes you care about most. Because when we join hands, we can change the world. Husky Giving Day GWSS Graduate Student Support Fund
Susan Whiting, Sasha Welland, Yingyi Wang, Priti Ramamurthy
Congratulations to Yingyi Wang, who has just passed her general exams with flying colors after writing exam essays on 1) NGOs in the transnational and Chinese context; 2) feminist theories of social reproduction; and 3) gender, sexuality, feminism and queer theory in China. She also presented her research prospectus on “Working in Gender Equality and LGBT Rights NGOs: Neoliberal Governance, Subjectivities, and Place-Based Politics in Contemporary China.”  Supervisory Committee Co-Chair, Sasha Welland, Ph.D.
GWSS Assistant Professor Kemi Adeyemi
Tschabalala Self in Conversation DISCUSSION WITH TSCHABALALA SELF + KEMI ADEYEMI Friday, April 26, 2019 7:00 – 8:00 pm LocationFrye Auditorium
Christina Yuen Zi Chung - Sinophone Temporalities and the Art of Arrest
GWSS graduate student, Christina Yuen Zi Chung, is giving a paper at the Society for Cinema & Media Studies Annual Conference, which is here in Seattle this year. Here’s the info about the panel she’s on: Wednesday, 3/13, 12:00 PM - 1:45 PM Location: Columbia, 4th floor, Union Street Tower, Sheraton Grand Seattle A15       Sounds of Space, Stilling Time: Transmedia Practices in Contemporary Chinese Cinemas