Angelica Macklin

Graduate Student

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Doctoral Candidate 2016, UW GWSS
M.A. Cultural Studies, University of Washington, 2010
B.A. Social Sciences, Washington State University, 2007
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Angelica is an independent filmmaker and archivista (=activist archivist).  Her research focuses on feminist digital film production, processes, practices, and methods, as sites of power, resistance, pedagogy, and creative development. She is interested in the ways feminists participate in cultural production through community-building and social movement work, and how creative production can serve the goals of these movements. She is assistant director of multimedia communications at Cultivate Learning at the University of Washington, where she and her team produce local, national, and international professional development resources for the fields of early learning and expanded learning opportunities. Angelica has taught courses at the University of Washington in Video Production, Post-Production Techniques, Women Who Rock Oral History Production, and Transnational Media Methods in study abroad courses in South Africa and Brazil. She has served on the Women Who Rock Collective since 2011: organizing the annual Women Who Rock unConference, curating the annual Women Who Rock Film Festival, building the Women Who Rock Archive, documenting local music scenes, and teaching students video production and photography. Angelica is co-director, cinematographer, and editor of "Masizakhe: Building Each Other" (2007) a film that highlights cultural activists in the Nelson Mandela Metro of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, and co-director, cinematographer and editor of De Baixo Para Cima - From the Bottom Up (2015), a documentary that follows the life work of leading activists in the town of Araçuaí, Brazil.