The "Call of God": Korean American Women’s Activism in the Pacific Northwest

Nina Young Kim, Ph.D. Dissertation
Kim, N. Y. (2013). “The call of God” : Korean American women’s activism in the Pacific Northwest. University of Washington Libraries.

This study examines the multidimensional history of Korean American Christian women's activism in the Pacific Northwest between 1940 and 2012. Few scholars have explored Korean American women's experience in American religious history especially the relationship between activism and religion among Korean American women. Using an intersectional perspective that takes into account various dimensions of Korean American Christian women activists reveals a distinct gendered, raced, and religious narrative of Korean American history in the Pacific Northwest. This study also analyzes Korean Bible women's histories to explain the importance of Korean American Christian activist women's current involvement. I argue that Korean American Christian women's gendered, raced, and religious activism, challenge conventional understandings of Korean American history, the purpose of activism, and the relationship between activism and religion.

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