SQS Certificate Approved Courses

The following courses have been approved as electives for the Sexuality and Queer Studies Graduate Certificate.

UW Seattle Campus

DepartmentCourseCourse Title
Communication COM 490 Representing Beyond the Binaries: Mixing Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Media
Communication COM 495 Special Topics in Communication: Black Cultural Studies
Communication COM 566 Discourse & Sexuality
Comparative History of Ideas CHID 480 Special Topics: Gendered Lives - The Cultural Politics of Gender and Sexuality in Latin America
English ENGL 494 Honors Seminar: Sexuality, Race, Nation, and Novelty
English ENGL 498 Senior Seminar: Sexuality, Race, Nation, and Novelty
English ENGL 535 American Culture and Criticism: Thinking Sex in Transnational Times
English ENGL 537 Topics in American Studies: Sexuality and National Belonging
English ENGL 556 Cultural Studies: Thinking Sex in Transnational Times
Geography GEOG 572 Research Seminar: Queer Geographies
Gender, Women & Sexuality GWSS 453 Lesbian Lives and Culture
Gender, Women & Sexuality GWSS 464/564 Queer Desires
Gender, Women & Sexuality GWSS 474 Trans/Gender Queries
Gender, Women & Sexuality GWSS 487 Advanced Psychobiology of Women
Gender, Women & Sexuality GWSS 545 Transnational Sexualities
School of Law LAW E 522 Advanced Constitutional Law: Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity
School of Law LAW A 592 Constitutional Law II
School of Law LAW E 542 Queer Youth Advocacy
Psychology PSYCH 580 Minority Mental Health
Evans School of Public Affairs PB AF 573 Topics in Education & Social Policy: Sexual Orientation and Public Policy
School of Social Work SOC W 514 Social Work Empowerment Practice: Addressing Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation

UW Tacoma

SchoolDepartmentCourse #Course Title
Interdisciplinary Arts & Sciences (IAS) Communication TCOM 444 Gender, Ethnicity, Class and the Media
IAS Film Studies T FILM 486 Feminist Perspectives in Film and Literature
IAS Political Science TPOL S 456 Community & Labor Organizing: A Multicultural Perspective
IAS Sociology T SOC 447 AIDS and American Society
Nursing Nursing T NURS 407 Diversity, Health, and Inequities
Nursing Nursing T NURS 510 Society and Health
Social Work Social Work T SOCW 504 Cultural Diversity and Societal Justice