Routledge Handbook of Gender in South Asia
99 Needles


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
The "women" in Women's Studies (1997) Shirley J. Yee Women, Gender, Culture, Feminist Theory
Finding a Place: Mary Ann Shadd Cary and the Dilemmas of Black Migration to Canada, 1850-70. (1997) Shirley J. Yee African American, Immigration, Women of Color
No Cultural Icon: Marisela Norte (1997) Michelle Habell-Pallán Latino/a Studies, Literature
Rural Women and Irrigation: Patriarchy, Class, and the Modernizing State in South India (1997) Priti Ramamurthy Indian, Class, Gender, Women
Family and Sexuality in Recent Chicano Performance (1996) Michelle Habell-Pallán Performance Studies, Chicana/o
Gender Ideology and Black Women as Community-Builders in Ontario, 1850-1870 (1994) Shirley J. Yee African American, Women of Color, Community, Gender
GLOSSOLALIA: Lucille Clifton's Creative Technologies of Becoming (Completed/published) Bettina Judd African American, Biotechnology, Body, Digital Arts, Experimental, Feminist Theory, Literary Criticism, Poetry and Poetics, Theory/Criticism, Women of Color
'Girl in a Coma' Tweets Chicanafuturism: New Media and Archivista Praxis (Completed/published) Michelle Habell-Pallán Chicana/o, Decolonial, Music, Public Scholarship, Science and Technology, Women of Color
Egg donation compensation: ethical and legal challenges. (Completed/published) Bioethics, Body, Medicine, Motherhood, Reproduction, Science and Technology, Women


Short Title People Involved Related Fields
Women Who Rock: Making Scenes, Building Communities: Participatory Research, Community Engagement, and Archival Practice (Forthcoming) Michelle Habell-Pallán Women, Community, Archives